We make delicious Specialty Products in three categories:

Simple Syrups, Honeys, and Spices & Teas



Ginger Syrup - Ginger Syrup is a pure treat.  It has the heat of our ginger in a simple syrup with a splash of lemon.  Add it to tea, ice cream, marinades, salad dressings, cocktails, pancakes and more!


Chai Syrup - Chai Syrup is a recent addition for us and we have a limited amount.  Stay tuned- We'll make another batch by next winter!  Our Chai Syrup has the heat of our ginger, with a glorious masala spice array of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and others, and warming black tea.  It is a complex and remarkable syrup. This small batch product is currently out of stock.



Turmeric Honey - Turmeric Honey is a show stopper.  It is made with our turmeric, local honey, apple cider vinegar and black pepper.  It pours like syrup (not stiff like honey) and works great in salad dressings, mixed drinks, seltzer, hot water or tea, or by the spoonful!


Berry Turmeric Honey - Berry Turmeric Honey should be in every household.  It is delicious and has powerful, healthy ingredients: local honey, our turmeric, blueberry juice, and elderberry juice.  A teaspoon a day…

RAW Honey from Invisible Cities Apiary - It is simply, the most beautiful, and environmentally responsible honey we have ever seen. We have utmost respect for these bee keepers and their practices. They harvest seasonal wildflower honey in the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley and Vermont. Bees from one hundred colonies—managed without using pesticides or antibiotics—gather nectar from basswood and buttonbush, knotweed and clover, goldenrod and aster. Their honey is raw (unpasteurized) and only lightly filtered; it retains enzymes, traces of wax and pollen that figure into its flavor and healthful properties. Crystallization is normal as weather cools.




Enjoy our ground spices, spice blends and teas made with our ginger and turmeric.  These are available at our Farmers’ Market stands.



Ground Ginger - Dried Ginger Powder can be used as a supplement and culinary herb.  The aroma and flavor of our ginger, freshly dried & ground is unparalleled by store-bought versions of this spice.  A perfect hit of ginger heat to add to your smoothies or pumpkin pie.  Several customers have told us "there is no going back" to any store bought ginger because it made their recipes shine like never before!


Ground Turmeric - Dried Turmeric Powder can be used as a supplement and culinary herb.  Our turmeric has a vibrant color, aroma and flavor, and its pine-y taste is warm and comforting.  Use in eggs, smoothies, chocolate cake, soups, roasted veggies, rice, cookies, muffins... possibilities are endless and it melds well in both sweet and savor recipes.




Zinger BBQ Blend - Zinger BBQ Blend contains our ground ginger and our turmeric, as well as some other zingy spices.  It is a great way to celebrate summer!  This spice blend is the perfect base for making a BBQ sauce, meat rub, or  marinade.  It is great for kale chips, and stirred into sour cream makes an irresistible dip!




Ginger Spice Blend - Our unique and delicious blend of salt, spices, a touch of maple, and our own ginger. This sweet  and savory blend is perfect for tossing on roasted vegetables, adding to a marinade for meat, dusting on popcorn, or adding to sour cream and yogurt for a quick dip.




Turmeric Spice Blend - Our favorite blend, inspired by Eastern Mediterranean flavors.  This blend of salt, spices, and our own turmeric elevates any dish from ordinary to  gourmet.  Use it for tossing on roasted vegetables, adding to a marinade for meat, dusting on popcorn, or adding to sour cream or yogurt for a dip.




Masala Blend - Our newest and most versatile blend of spices, Instant Masala is a combination of all the warming flavors you love in your cup of Chai tea.  Just add a teaspoon to your favorite black or herbal tea for an instant kick of gingery flavor.  This blend is also a game-changer in the bakery- it will elevate your cookie, muffin, or pie recipe to new heights!







Zinger Chai - Zingiber Chai combines our ginger with whole chai spices.  Simmer these herbs with your favorite black tea for classic cup of chai, or simmer them in water for a caffeine-free alternative.




Turmeric-Elderberry-Ginger - Turmeric Elderberry Ginger tea gives you a boost on cold gray mornings.  This bright, medicinal blend also contains lemongrass and the roots and leaves of our ginger and turmeric.


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