Full Moon Turmeric Spiced Ghee

Full Moon Turmeric Spiced Ghee


Created by a dear Old Friends Farm crew alum, Golden Turmeric Ghee is infused with herbs and spices inspired by Ayurvedic cooking that promote digestive vigor and assimilation of nutrients. We grow the organic turmeric and ginger, and the ashwagandha is sourced locally in Western Massachusetts.  Add this ghee to curries, rice, roasted squash, or simply spread onto toast. Enjoy the warming spices while reaping the benefits of turmeric’s curcumin compounds, which are naturally anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants.


Note on texture (from Full Moon Ghee's blog):
Grainy or smooth? Gritty or liquid? What’s up with that texture? The ultimate texture of the ghee is determined by how it’s made. Ghee is created by slowly simmering butter and then removing the moisture, the milk solids, and the impurities. What remains is the clarified essence of butter.


Ghee contains many types of fatty acids, each with its own melting point. This variance in melting points allows ghee to shape-shift between textures—solid, smooth and creamy, gritty or grainy, liquid and oily—even if kept at the same temperature.


When making ghee, if it is allowed to cool slowly, the different fatty acids in the ghee all cool at their own pace resulting in a texture that is not uniform. At Full Moon Ghee, we make our ghee in small batches, pour it into jars while it’s still in liquid form, put on the lids, and then allow it to cool slowly on a countertop. Ghee that cools rapidly is more solid than ghee that cools slowly, so this means that the ghee on the edges of the jar will be in a more solid state than the ghee in the center that took longer to cool. Slowly cooled ghee can take on a variety of textures including grainy or gritty, as well as smooth, creamy, or liquid.


This variation in texture only affects the way ghee looks and has no impact on the taste or quality of the ghee whatsoever. In fact, that grainy, non-uniform texture tells you that the ghee has been prepared properly, that the temperature was kept low and the antioxidants have been preserved.


Size - 9oz (the 3.5 oz jar is pictured, but we're offering a 9oz jar)


Full Moon Ghee (clarified butter) and Local Organic Turmeric, Ginger and Ashwagandha