Interested in working on a small(ish), diversified farm?


All positions are filled for the 2020 season


We are always interested in highly skilled applicants. If you are a wonderful person and an excellent, experienced worker with strong interest in working at Old Friends Farm, please read on!

Specific 2020 positions (full descriptions below):


- Salad Packing (part-time) - FILLED for 2020

- Distribution (part-time) - FILLED for 2020

-  Cultivation (part-time) - FILLED for 2020

-  Vegetable Harvest Leader/Farmers' Market (full-time) - FILLED for 2020

-  Flower Production Assistant/Farmers' Market (full-time) - FILLED for 2020

-  Factotum/Various tasks (full-time) - FILLED for 2020

General Details:

Pay is commensurable with applicant's experience and skill set.  Our minimum starting rate is $15/hr.  Workers must work the complete time commitment.  Full time positions have the option of taking five days off during the season, unpaid.  We do not offer housing for any position.  There are many farm perks, including delicious salads, veggies and flowers, as well as a fun and productive work experience!


Our farm thrives on a sustainable work model.  If you love farming, working hard, being on a high quality/high production farm, being part of a dynamic and fun team of people, and also having time to enjoy your non-farm life, our farm may be a good fit for you.  We want to cultivate 'farmers for life', and have no interest in having a farm that only can exist by having its workers give up their lives for its success.  That isn't sustainable farming to us!  All of our full time workers work 36-45 hour weeks and can rely on work day hours starting and ending on-time.


Interested applicants for full time positions should be enthusiastic about local organic agriculture, have a minimum of two complete growing seasons of farming experience, be energetic, be able to work outdoors in any weather condition, be self-motivated, work well with a crew and independently, and have excellent quality control while working quickly and efficiently.  Must be trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

Specific Descriptions:

Salad Packing - FILLED for 2020

Mondays and Wednesdays; Hours 7:30-4:15

Available immediately; Duration of job-- until the end of Sept

Indoor work, packing salads in our certified kitchen.  Must be fast and dexterous with attention to detail and capacity for repetitive work. 

Must be willing to adhere to pandemic mitigation sanitation practices.

Pay is $15/hour.

Distribution - FILLED for 2020

Wednesdays and Saturdays 1:30-6:30

Outdoor environment, distributing our pre-ordered boxes of products to customers via curbside pickup.  Must have excellent customer service skills, be able to repeatedly climb in and out of a box truck while carrying boxes, and willingness to work in any weather.  This is work with one co-worker. 

Must be willing to adhere to pandemic mitigation sanitation practices.

Pay is $15/hour.

Cultivation Position - FILLED for 2020

(8-10 hrs/wk; June & July)

Ideal candidate has prior experience with basket weeders, tines, I&J, fingerweeder implements and more.  Must be able to work during ideal cultivation windows, be mechanically-minded, has an eye for detail and efficiency, uses finesse rather than force, and has patience and conscientiousness to make adjustment to implements to dial-in cultivation most effectively.

Vegetable Harvest Leader/Tuesday Northampton Farmers' Market Position

- FILLED for 2020

(Monday-Friday; 40 hrs/wk; April-third week Nov)

Ideal candidate has prior experience with diversified vegetable production, small crew management, and farmers' market.  Must be a clear communicator and skilled leader with an eye for quality and efficiency.  Must be organized, motivated, and keep good records.  Must have the ability to scout, harvest, estimate crop yields, and understand harvest windows/stages for each crop.  This candidate needs to have excellent customer service skills with Farmer's Market experience preferred, but other retail experience will be considered.

Flower Production Assistant/Saturday Amherst Farmers' Market Position -FILLED for 2020

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday; 40 hrs/wk; May 4th through Oct).  Ideal candidate has prior experience with commercial-scale flower and/or vegetable harvest experience, growing, and arranging, as well as farmers' market (or other retail environment).  Must have attention to detail and efficiency, have good organizational skills, be an excellent record keeper, be hardworking, and have the ability to work independently and well as with a team.  This candidate needs to have excellent customer service skills with Farmer's Market experience preferred, but any retail experience will be considered.

Factotum/Various tasks Position - FILLED for 2020

(Monday-Friday except for provision listed below; 40 hrs/wk; May-Oct)

This is a unique position as we are open to applicants that do not yet have the 2 years of production farming experience we require for other positions.  This position will offer varied work including being part of the vegetable harvest, vegetable processing, and involvement in miscellaneous other arenas.  When needed, this person may be at Farmers' Market (Tuesday, Saturday, or both) in which case they would have Thursday & Sunday off on weeks that Saturday market is a workday.)  Ideal candidate will have interest and enthusiasm for organic farming, good communication skills, experience working outdoors, and be a fast learner.  



Apply via email with a letter of interest, resume, and 3 references.


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