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We're Hiring for 2023!  Positions available so far:

(please see full descriptions below)

- Assistant Manager (training can begin in 2022)

- Experienced (4+years) Tractor Operator

- Greenhouse and Microgreens Production Leader

We are always interested in highly skilled applicants. If you are a wonderful person, have great experience and a strong interest in working at Old Friends Farm, please send your information and interest our way!

General Details for all positions:
Our farm thrives on a sustainable work model.  If you love working hard in a high quality/ high production farm environment, being part of a dynamic and fun team, and also having time to enjoy your non-farm life, our farm may be a good fit for you.  We want to cultivate 'farmers for life', and have no interest in having a farm that only can exist by having its employees give up their lives for its success.  That isn't sustainable farming to us!  All of our full time workers work 36-45 hour weeks and can rely on consistent work day hours starting and ending on time.


Pay is commensurable with applicant's experience and skill set.  There are many farm perks, including delicious salads, veggies and flowers, as well as a fun and productive work experience!  We do not offer housing for any position. 

Interested applicants should be:
- dedicated to local organic food systems and healthy ecologic balance
- have a minimum of two complete seasons of production farming experience
- energetic and enthusiastic
- able to work in all weather
- self-motivated to work independently and engaged when working with others
- communicative 
- aware of quality-control while working quickly and efficiently
- trustworthy, reliable, & responsible
- fun to be around


Apply via email with a letter of interest, resume, and 3 references. 

Specific positions available for 2023

(more coming soon!)

Assistant Manager (training can begin in 2022) full year, full time

This is a coveted position that unexpectedly has became available again.  The Assistant Manager position works closely with two Owner Managers to develop the crop plan, farm systems, team support.  This position involves being the Crew Leader for daily flow and task duties.  This person organizes the day while holding the bigger picture, hopping in and out of various tasks to support the various roles.  The Assistant Manager position will be in conjunction with another arena on our farm that is comparable with the schedule needs for the Assistant Manager position, as well as the candidates experience and interest.  Ideal candidate will have prior experience with farm and crew management of similar scale, impeccable record keeping and organizational abilities, and stellar communication skills and approachability.


Tractor Operator/Planting and Cultivation Leader, full year (Full Time for growing season and 32 hours/wk for Jan/Feb/March)     

This position involves bed prep, planting, cultivation, lifting, cover-cropping, general field upkeep and careful record-keeping.  Ideal candidate will have prior experience (4+ years) with field management of a similar scale, be mechanically minded, have impeccable documenting and organizational abilities, and stellar communication.


Greenhouse and Microgreens Production Leader, full year: Jan -mid Feb (2d/wk), mid Feb- Mar (4d/wk), Mar-Nov (5d/wk), Dec (4 d/wk)]

This position keeps the greenhouse clean and organized and manages weekly seeding and potting up. Clear communication is key, as this position coordinates with the transplant leader about plants ready to transplant and with the seed ordering person about seed shortages and poor performance. This position also communicates with the infrastructure person about structural needs, making sure all inflation, heating, and ventilation equipment is working properly. Any time not allocated to greenhouse tasks will involve other aspects of the farm including packhouse, transplanting, harvest and other field work.  This position is also responsible for our microgreens production from sowing to harvest, including maintaining harvest equipment. Ideal candidate has excellent record-keeping skills, high attention to detail, and is able to work efficiently and effectively alone and at times leading a small group of co-workers.  Candidates with greenhouse experience and/or plant propagation experience and enthusiasm preferred.

Apply via email with a letter of interest, resume, and 3 references.  Please specify which position(s) you're applying for.