Directions to Old Friends Farm for order pick-ups:


Please note that we do not have a farm stand. 

Directions are for pre-arranged orders only.


593 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002


Be sure to follow the following directions (not just the street address),

as our farm is set back from the road:


From the center of Amherst, take 116 South (South Pleasant Street) 3/4 mile from the town green.  On the right you will see a painted sign "Bramble Hill" at 593 South Pleasant St across from the Amherst Public Works Department.  We rent from this property.  Turn right at the Bramble Hill sign and continue straight up the hill (10 mph please!)  You will pass a peach-colored house, a blue barn, and a red metal barn - all on your right.  Follow the white fence along the left side of the road.  Continue past the animal barn (and wire fence) on your left. As you go up the hill, the road will briefly become paved again. Turn left just before the crest of the hill towards the group of buildings and greenhouse to continue following the fence.  Drive past the greenhouse and turn right.  The building attached to the greenhouse is our 'hub' building.  The silver walk-in cooler flower and online order pick-up is facing the parking lot.  There will be a note directing you to your order.  Park as close as you can to the cooler.  Your flower order will be in the cooler on a rolling cart, so you will be able to roll your flowers to the end of the cement floor of the building to load from there.  If you ordered online, your order will be on the shelf just inside the sliding door. 


*Please make sure the sliding door is closed tightly before you leave.*

Thank you!


Important notes about picking up your order:


SIZE OF ORDER: Please be sure to have enough room in your vehicle (or multiple vehicles) that will safely fit your order for transporting.  Flowers transport well being snug, except for open lilies, which need some space!  Please plan accordingly!


THE LAST ERRAND: Flower pickup should be the last thing that is done on your list of errands so that your flowers are not sitting in a car wilting or freezing!


PACKAGING: Check with Missy about what packaging will be supplied.  Sometimes a small portable cooler is recommended for carrying the corsages and boutonnieres if it is going to be a long trip or if it's very hot out.  Some sheets or blankets thrown over the seats is a good idea for any vehicle interior that can not take a splash of water.


STORAGE: Flowers will store best in cool conditions, out of direct sunlight.  Corsages and boutonnieres should be put into a refrigerator, or kept in a portable cooler.  If you are picking up the flowers several days before the event, or it is especially hot, have someone check the water level each day.  Some flowers, like sunflowers and peonies, are heavy drinkers.


PO Box 904

Amherst, MA 01004





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