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Ginger Balsam Massage and Body Oil

Ginger Balsam Massage and Body Oil


Our Ginger Balsam Massage and Body Oil from Old Friends Farm in Amherst MA. It is small-batch crafted in blue glass bottles, and capped with an easy-to-use, no spill treatment pump top. It delivers the warmth of our organic ginger, and the deep relaxation of balsam. We make the ginger and balsam essential oils ourselves, and blend them with organic jojoba oil.

It is shelf stable, and makes a great gift (give it as a gift, and YOU might be the primary beneficiary of this magical bottle!)

Some background:

We have pioneered growing ginger and turmeric in the Northeast and are excited to offer this magical, locally grown and made product. It's the only massage oil out there made with local ginger from the Northeast!

Produced ourselves in a Certified Organic kitchen.

Limited supply - very small batches...


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