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Maarn (Sylvia) Dahlia Tubers

Maarn (Sylvia) Dahlia Tubers


Produces persimmon/orange blooms - a farm favorite!

2 tubers



Sylvia is a beautiful ball-shaped dahlia in soft tangerine.  It produces many long straight stems, perfect for cut flowers!

Flower Type: Ball

Plant Height: 48”

Bloom Size: 3”

Planting equirements: Full Sun, well drained, rich soil, plenty of water for best performance.

Days To Maturity: 80-100 days

Spacing 12-18”

Planting depth: 4-6”

Pinch: when 12” tall

Harvest: when flowers are about 3/4 of the way open, cut stems about 18” long above a leaf node. Immediately place in a vase or bucket of cool, clean water.

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